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A 23 year-old named a person-of-interest in a Washington DC shooting that injured four has been found dead in an apartment close to the scene.

Raymond Spencer, from Fairfax in Virginia, was found deceased in an apartment bathroom close to the Van Ness neighborhood Friday, hours after a man opened fire from an apartment window, injuring three adults and a 12 year-old girl. It is unclear how he died, NBC4 reported. 

The Washington Post reported that cops are now combing posts Spencer is believed to have made on internet forum 4Chan, including one said to have been posted four minutes after Friday’s shooting.

That message read: ‘Dear God please forgive me.’

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Another one sent six minutes later said: ‘They’re in the wrong part of the building right now searching XD,’ with the ‘XD’ symbol designed to look like a laughing face when viewed from the side.  

One final message posted six minutes after that read: ‘Waiting for police to watch up with me.’ The Post also reported that a Wikipedia user’s page for Spencer described him as an ‘AR-15 aficionado’. 

Before his body was found, DC Metropolitan Police shared images of Raymond Spencer of Fairfax, Virginia, and urged him to turn himself in following Friday’s shooting in the Van Ness area of the city.

The victims included a 54-year-old man, a woman in her 30s, a woman in her mid-60s who was grazed in the back by a bullet, and a 12-year-old girl who was shot in the arm, Police Assistant Chief Stuart Emerman said. All of the victims were expected to recover. following the incident at Van Ness and Connecticut Avenue. 

The woman who was grazed told reporters that she was waiting to pick up a child and would’ve been hit had she not been lying low in her car. 

It began around 3:30pm ET Friday, with locals reporting seeing a man in a black t-shirt taking shots from a window. The suspect subsequently fled the scene, and is still being sought by cops.

Terrifying video footage posted online appears to show a camera attached to the rifle itself as the gunman takes shots. 

Authorities would only say that the suspect was ‘linked to social media postings’ that emerged as part of the investigation, Emerman said. 

Police were seen escorting a man in a black graphic t-shirt in handcuffs toward a police car around 4.30pm, although Spencer remains on the loose.

Stuart Emerman, Metropolitan Police’s Assistant Chief of Technical and Analytical Services Bureau, said officers did detain people running from the scene but he did not believe that any suspects were in custody as of a Friday evening press conference. 

He added that the victims have been hospitalized but are in ‘stable condition.’ 

An unverified video has been circulating social media that people are claiming the gunman took of him shooting victims. Emerman said they could not yet verify that the video was related.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser spoke Friday and thanked first responders and offered prayers for the victim. 

Police are reportedly entering the AVA building on Connecticut and Van Ness Avenue wearing riot gear and armed with guns, a local reported.  Dozens of cop cars and emergency vehicles have flooded the streets and office can be seen taking ‘defensive positions,’ according to a Fox 5 livestream. 

Groups of people were seen being escorting by police, some running alongside police.