“For me, all this experience did was confirm and solidify what I already knew about government and their agencies…”

Posted BY: Red Voice Media

Brandon Caserta, one of the two men who were acquitted in the Governor Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot cooked up by the FBI, to this day sees himself getting blackballed in his community and slandered by the media and elected officials – despite him being found innocent.

Life for the innocent man who fell victim to the FBI’s elaborate entrapment scheme has hardly been easy since the trial wrapped up earlier in 2022, with Caserta having difficulty landing stable employment and even being shunned by some of his own family members due to the media narrative and the FBI’s detestable methods employed in the 2020 controversy.

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On October 2nd, Caserta shared with Red Voice Media what life has been like in the wake of the trial, mentioning how he even had to relocate so as to have a better chance at salvaging a semblance of normalcy in his life.

“I relocated after my acquittal to get away and rebuild, and I’ve been denied job interviews because of what happened, even though I was found to be innocent.”

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However, even with moving to a new town, Caserta says that the infamy fomented by the media and the FBI managed to catch up with him, resulting in estrangement from those in his community. The aforementioned is exacerbated by the fact that Caserta says some of his own family won’t talk to him anymore, while he also juggles the immense amount of online harassment that has flooded since the trial.

“There are a few people in this neighborhood who found out who I was and refused to associate with my neighbors because they associate and live next to me. I have family who also won’t talk to me anymore, and I have people online harassing me, telling me they hope the FBI kills me for getting away. People call me racist and fascist.”

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Yet the economic impacts Caserta has suffered due to the FBI’s kidnapping plot can’t be understated, as he’s tried relentlessly to gain employment and finds himself ghosted by hiring managers who undoubtedly see his name associated with the Whitmer debacle.

“But the job situation has been the worst. I’ve put in so many applications, and right when I’m about to get an interview, they find out who I am and simply just ghost me and never call me back. I have a specific skill set that I’m very good at, and it appears the Human Resources division is gatekeeping, in turn preventing me from being able to properly represent myself and my skills.”

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