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If there’s one thing social media loves, it’s evidence of paranormal activity. And the latest video doing the rounds appears to show ghostly figures walking in the sky.

The footage was posted to TikTok by a user named @Big.Potato, who spotted the apparitions during a news broadcast following a tornado.

In the clip, the TikToker pans away from the car wreckage to focus on a section of the clouds.

Look carefully and you’ll see what appear to be ethereal human forms drifting through the celestial haze.

“That could [be] people’s souls that passed in [the] tornado,” one speculated.

“Three of the four horsemen of the apocalypse,” joked another.

Others suggested the shapes were angels, aliens, giants or a sign from God.

While others said bluntly: “It’s just clouding”.

Elsewhere, users shared their own experiences of unexplained sightings.

“I seen [sic] same thin[g] when I was younger, I’ve never forgotten it,” one wrote.

“Both I and my 21-year-old son saw something in 2018 that left us with ZERO doubt that things beyond our comprehension exist,” commented another.

Big. Potato followed up by sharing another video showing human-like shapes in the sky, with the caption: “Yall gone deny this one too huh?”

“I think they j don’t believe it [because] we live in a time where people edit so many things so how could they believe,” one wrote, adding: “But I believe it.”

Another said cryptically: “I’ve witnessed a lot, but people make me doubt my own eyes.”

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