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A man was convicted of a slew of felonies related to his dumping of human body parts, including human heads, across Arizona in 2020.

Walter Harold Mitchell III had owned a business called “FutureGenex” that provided cadavers to medical schools for decades. In April 2020, his business closed and he moved to Arizona.

Prosecutors say that he took the human body parts in a U-Haul truck on dry ice.

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In December 2020, hikers and hunters reported finding the body parts to police, who documented 24 body parts dumped at two sites north and west of Prescott in the desert.

Deputy Yavapai County Attorney Casi Harris said that the body parts found included arms, legs and heads that came from nine different people.

Officials also found that the parts had silver tags and serial numbers used for donor parts. The identification numbers helped them tie the remains to Mitchell. When they searched his apartment, they found further evidence that connected him to the dumped parts.

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