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Vehicles stopped on a busy Oregon driver so their drivers could get out and collect an estimated $200,000 thrown out of another driver’s window.

The Oregon State Police said Colin Davis McCarthy, 38, threw the cash out of his window on Interstate 5, near mile marker 192 in Eugene.

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McCarthy, who was not charged with any crime, told officers he was “doing well and wanted to bless others with gifts of money,” the OSP said in a statement to KVAL-TV.

The money is believed to have come from McCarthy’s family’s shared bank account.

Police warned McCarthy he could be cited for littering or creating a hazard on the highway and he agreed to stop throwing the cash.

OSP Capt. Kyle Kennedy said other drivers stopped on the highway and quickly collected the $100 bills.

“OSP is urging the public not [to] go searching for money on the highway — which is very dangerous and contributes to a hazardous condition,” Kennedy told OregonLive in an email.

Kennedy said officers searched the highway for any leftover cash, but didn’t find any.