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The man who leaked “sensitive and highly classified” U.S. intelligence has reportedly been identified by a member of a group he’s in, who said the alleged culprit worked on a military base and brought home top secret reports, sharing them with his online clubhouse.

The one purportedly behind the leaks, known to some of the group as “OG,” is a young gun enthusiast who last year posted a message on their Discord channel “laden with strange acronyms and jargon,” the Washington Post reported. The group, made up of about 25 people, mostly men and boys sharing interests in guns, military gear, and God, was created as an invitation-only online platform during the height of the pandemic in 2020, according to the news outlet. Discord is a chat service popular with people interested in gaming.

This group, where “OG” allegedly shared hundreds of pages of leaked intelligence, reportedly included foreigners.

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The leaked U.S. intelligence concerns national security and foreign policy interests. Included in the documents are reports that a Russian fighter jet nearly shot down a British aircraft last year, which could have launched the U.S. into a direct war with Russia, and that the U.S. has apparently spied on allies, including Israel, South Korea, and Ukraine. From a humanitarian perspective, perhaps the most troubling fear of the leaked intelligence is that spies helping the U.S. in its foreign policy pursuits, such as in its aid to Ukraine’s territorial defense against Russia, could be outed and imprisoned or killed for their actions. One leaked file reportedly said the U.S. had penetrated Russian security and intelligence, allowing officials to warn Ukraine of coming attacks.

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