And downgrade felony charges in armed robberies and drug dealing as part of the sweeping new policy

Source: Daily Mail

Manhattan’s new district attorney has unveiled a sweeping new policy to only seek prison sentences for a handful of offenses, and downgrade or dismiss charges for many felony crimes – and Mayor Eric Adams is on board with the plan.

Alvin Bragg, who took office over the weekend, revealed his progressive new approach in a ‘day one policies and procedures’ memo released on Monday.

The Democrat said offenses like marijuana misdemeanors, prostitution, resisting arrest, and fare-dodging will no longer be prosecuted. 

Bragg instructed prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences for crimes except for homicides, assaults resulting in serious injury, domestic violence felonies, sex offenses, public corruption, and ‘major economic crimes’.  

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The directive comes despite New York City seeing a surge in violent crime. City-wide, crime statistics published in December by the NYPD show that shootings, murders, and auto grand larceny have all nearly doubled while murder is up 50 percent in the city compared to 2019. 

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