Posted BY: Jordan Conradson

A Maricopa County Election judge spoke out about what she witnessed at the polls on Tuesday with tabulators not working and inaccurate ballot reporting, and her supervisors threatened her with termination.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this serious issue in Maricopa County’s General Election on Tuesday. Due to the incompetence of Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs, tabulators were down, printers ran out of ink, and long, long lines kept voters waiting to cast their ballots.

Maricopa County recently admitted in a new statement that 70 out of 223 or over 30% of voting centers were impacted by this election day debacle after previously claiming that only about 20% were affected.

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Voters were told to deposit their ballots into “box 3” or “door 3” to be tabulated at the Elections Department in downtown Phoneix later. The County claims that only 17,000 votes were affected and dropped in “box 3.”

Not only were voters disenfranchised by long wait times or tabulation errors, but many may not have voted at all, or their ballots were reported as “received and counted” without actually being counted.

Michelle Swinick spoke out on this issue, and she was threatened with termination from the polls.

As The Gateway Pundit reported on Tuesday, another poll worker was terminated, citing “disinformation” for telling voters they don’t know what will happen to the ballots and would wait for the machines to be back online before dropping a ballot in “box 3.”

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