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Arizona’s Legislative District 3 (LD3) GOP Chairwoman Candance Czarny filed a lawsuit today against the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC), requesting a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent a new election of officers administered by the MCRC.

On Tuesday, March 28, a motion introduced by Czarny to file an injunction against the MCRC to stop the election was passed 3-1 by the LD3 Executive Board. Czarny-Appointed First Vice Chair Carrie Cox, Secretary Jamie Alfred, and Czarney voted yes. LD3 Treasurer Kevin Maldonado was the only no-vote.

This comes after the LD3 assembly passed a vote of no confidence against Czarny 92-51 on February 9, and the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee voted earlier this month to formally censure and demand the resignation of the questionably elected Legislative District 3 chairwoman. They also voted to hold a revote following the challenged election for Legislative District 3 leadership. Issues raised by members of LD3, election whistleblowers, and the MCRC include broken chain of custody, proxy fraud, and election procedure violations.

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The new election for Legislative District 3 Chair is set to be held tonight at 7 pm MST.

The Maricopa County GOP immediately faced backlash from LD3 Chairwoman Candace Czarny and Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWitt, who allegedly threatened a lawsuit against the Maricopa County Republican Committee on Wednesday.

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