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Scrutiny over Hunter Biden’s illicit business transactions and attempts to launder his father’s influence continues to intensify as evidence has also been revealed that President Biden was aware of and aided Hunter’s lobbying business, meeting with clients that Hunter sent his way from China and other foreign countries.

House Republicans began the work of investigating Hunter Biden’s illicit activity and Joe Biden’s role in it from the first weeks that they retook the majority in January of 2023.

Representative James Comer (R-Ky.) and Representative Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) recently revealed that the FBI is in possession of incriminating information regarding Joe and Hunter Biden that they believe has not been investigated.

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The FBI has thus far refused to release the information to them after multiple attempts to request it.

“I don’t know why Christopher Wray is refusing to hand it over,” Greene said.  “You can only think one way when they refuse to hand over an unclassified document”

The document reportedly details a pay-to-play scheme between Biden, who was Vice President at the time, and a foreign national.

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