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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), in an exclusive conversation with Breitbart News, disclosed that the FBI possesses an additional two informant records pertaining to the business dealings of the Biden family. The news on Friday prompted the House Oversight Committee, of which Greene is a member, to issue subpoenas to a pair of additional banks.

According to Greene, the FBI has at least two more FD-1023 forms, as mentioned in the informant document that the Committee examined on Thursday. She anticipates that the Committee will be examining these forms in the forthcoming week.

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“He requested it, he and Hunter Biden requested $5 million each,” Greene explained. “‘Pay me $5 million, pay my father $5 million, and we will take care of your problems for you,’” as she described the request the Bidens made of Burisma.

“We’re giving out subpoenas for two more banks. And this has to do with bank accounts related to Ukraine. So, we’re digging deeper into this,” Grenne broke the news. “We were hoping to find, you know, actual transactions that relate to this 1023 form.”

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