Source: JD Rucker

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is used to getting blocked on Twitter. The conservative firebrand has made a lot of Democrats and Establishment Republicans upset over her truthful Tweets, among other things. She is particularly adept at hitting the vax-nannies who want to jab every man, woman, and child on the planet, segregating those who choose not to submit to their agenda.

But even knowing all this, it’s odd that she’s been blocked by the most anti-science Big Pharma company in America today: Pfizer. The drug giant apparently doesn’t care for her take on medical tyranny.

Pfizer is leading the charge to inject young children with experimental drugs to “protect” them from a disease that offers virtually zero risk to them. Some studies have indicated that over 100 children will die from adverse reactions to the vaccines for every one child who dies from Covid-19 itself. This is why jabbing kids is the most anti-scientific stance one can take. It is a practice that has been panned by world-renowned scientists, including many who are supportive of vaccinating adults.

Their latest attack on science uses a meme to gaslight people into thinking they have science on their side. They conspicuously blocked comments on the Tweet knowing that people like MTG will hit them hard for attempting to meme-shame those opposed to drugging children.

They say you can tell what a person stands for by the type of enemies they accumulate. Adding Pfizer to the list of enemies for Marjorie Taylor Greene is just another feather in her cap.