She’s got an enormous megaphone, essential committees, and Kevin McCarthy in her debt. What more could she want?

Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

ho to believe, C-SPAN or my lying eyes? There she was earlier this month, gaveling the House of Representatives to order. It was a shock to see Marjorie Taylor Greene, the fireplug from Georgia, who had been stripped of committee assignments during her first term, running the place in her second. 

The explanation for her day in the grown-ups’ chair lies outside the organization chart of the 118th Congress. Greene famously pushed Kevin McCarthy over the finish line in his dicey bid to be speaker, and he owes her.

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It’s McCarthy’s bad luck that his savior has anger management issues. Each day she presents the Speaker with a Hobson’s choice: He could distance himself from Suzy Space Laser to reassure the country he’s not running a mad House, or he could alienate Greene, the bane of the jackbooted “gazpacho,” and lose the House. Before honoring her with the gavel, McCarthy honored Greene with real power, a perch on the House Oversight Committee, where she can go hard on Hunter Biden, and one on the Homeland Security Committee, where she can go easy on Vladimir Putin. The latter comes with MGT’s favorite toy, a microphone, and a new bauble called a security clearance. At a March hearing with Raul Ortiz, head of the U.S. Border Patrol, she refused to abide by classification rules. When she asked Ortiz if he knew about a bomb left at the border (it turned out to be a bag of sand), he demurred, saying it was part of a classified report. “I’m not going to be confidential,” she said.

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