Is this what the Book of Revelation predicted some 2,000 years ago?

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WND is reporting…

There’s a “new technology” story just about every day these days. From self-driving cars and new weaponry that is appearing in the Russian war against Ukraine, from the government tracking people through their cell phones to various streaming, and subscription, “entertainment” options through computers, someone always has something new.

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BBC News, in fact, recently documented a process that lets you “pay with your hand.”

The report profiles Patrick Paumen, who has had a computer chip implanted in his hand that contains computer code similar to that in a debit-card system that allows him to swipe his hand over a contactless reader, and the necessary funds are debited from his bank account and transferred to the retailer.

The report notes how the first microchip was implanted into a human in 1998, and the British-Polish company Walletmor now is cashing in on the idea.

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