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Fox News Commentator Mark Simone told Larry Kudlow, “the Bushes” are running Ron DeSantis’ campaign. He also added that Karl Rove is involved, he expects Karl Rove “will be the coach on the field”.

Kudlow asks Simone “Do you know?” making sure this isn’t just conjecture of speculation. Simone confirmed that Rove’s been “advising” DeSantis.

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In 2008, The Hill labeled George Bush, Joe Lieberman, John McCain, and Karl Rove as The “Neocon A-Team”.

DeSantis has recently echoed McCain and Romney when discussing Vladimir Putin and Ukraine, using a neocon analogy. In the same interview, DeSantis also shared a change in his position on the war in Ukraine.

He had previously said it was just a territorial dispute and now he is calling Putin a “war criminal”. To some, it appears that DeSants is not beating the drums of war along with the other neocons.

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