Posted BY: Jeffrey Folks

Kevin Costner’s wife of many years, Christine Baumgartner, has filed for divorce.  I was struck by the routine manner in which the news of the filing was reported as if it were “just another divorce,” hardly worth reporting.  Costner’s publicist blamed the divorce on “circumstances beyond his control,” a pretty bland explanation for something as momentous as the dissolution of an eighteen-year marriage.

In fact, progressives have done all they can, beginning with Women’s Lib and “Open Marriage” in the 1970s and continuing through woke politics, with its emphasis on gay and trans-gendered experience, to undermine conventional marriage.  At its heart, progressivism is nihilistic, seeking to destroy existing institutions and beliefs and replace them with slavery masquerading as freedom.  All traditional institutions and beliefs stand in the way of this transformation, which is why they are the target of left-wing politicians and media.

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No other institution is as important as the nuclear family.  When a man and a woman join together for life with the intention of raising children and working toward a secure retirement, the State loses much of its control over them.  They do not need the “services” of the State.  Their marriage is a fortress against the State’s determination to exert dependency.  They can live happily and raise their children according to their values and not those of the State — and their values are based on truths about human nature, not on the warped ideology of Marxism.

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