Thousands contracting Covid, despite being fully vaccinated.More bad news for the experimental gene therapy being referred to as the Covid-19 vaccine.

Source: Nworeport

Massachusetts health officials announced there’s been over 5,100 “breakthrough cases” of fully vaccinated individuals becoming infected with Covid in the state, with as many as 80 deaths reported.

The state’s department of health reported the stats Friday, attempting to claim that despite the deaths and breakthrough cases the vaccines still work are more people should get them.

The news comes as over 256 Covid infections were detected in Cape Cod among fully vaccinated individuals, with media outlets claiming the cases were “not a major concern.”

With over 80 deaths of vaccinated people in the state, it’s starting to seem like somewhat of a concern.

Meanwhile, Jen Psaki on Friday dismissed a reporter’s question asking how many fully vaccinated staffers in the White House had experienced breakthrough cases.