The public elementary and secondary schools in Holyoke, Mass. are going into receivership.

Source:   Ashe Schow

The Massachusetts state Democratic Party claimed it couldn’t comment on vague sexual misconduct allegations against congressional candidate and Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse.

But as The Intercept reported, the state party was working behind the scenes to launch the allegations against Morse, according to sources who spoke to the outlet, as well as messages and call records.

“The documents show that the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s executive director Veronica Martinez and chair Gus Bickford connected the students with attorneys: among them was the powerful state party figure and attorney Jim Roosevelt, who worked with the college group on a letter alleging Morse behaved inappropriately,” the outlet reported.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, Morse was accused of having sexual contact with students at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where he teaches political science. The only problem is that Morse has not been accused of sexual harassment or assault, and UMass-Amherst policy merely forbids relationships between faculty and students they actually teach, advise, or supervise. Morse has not been accused of carrying on a relationship inappropriate under university policy.

The College Democrats claimed Morse would use their events to meet students and contact them on social media, though Morse said he only reached out to a student once following that event. In that incident, Morse and the student had previously connected on the dating app Tinder, but never met in person. That student shared screenshots of his conversation with Morse, which showed no inappropriate discussions.

The student who orchestrated the attack on Morse had told numerous other students that he expected to get an internship with incumbent Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA).

On August 13, Politico reported that Massachusetts Democratic Party chair Bickford had called for an investigation into “the conduct of College Democrats who leveled the allegations against Morse.”

But it appears the state party helped orchestrate the dubious allegations against Morse.

The Intercept reported that the party’s executive director, Martinez, repeatedly reached out to the College Democrats since at least late July and took “an active role in directing the group on the strategy behind the letter before and after its release, including coaching on how to interact with the press.”

Also on August 13, the College Democrats apologized to Morse, claiming they wrote the letter “on the advice of legal counsel.”

This week, the Intercept revealed that not only did Martinez coordinate with the students, she also told them to delete records of her conversations with them. Martinez was accused of verbally telling students to delete the records, but the Intercept obtained call records that “line up with the timing, and other statements from Martinez on the timeline and her involvement have also been proven wrong by documents reviewed by The Intercept.”

Martinez denies telling the students to destroy communications. Those communications were not properly deleted, as the Intercept used them as evidence for their multiple stories on the Morse situation.

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