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On Monday, a massive fire completely destroyed a manufacturing facility and warehouse in Chicago, a year after announcing a big expansion at the site.

According to city spokesman David Ormsby, multiple fire departments responded to an extra-alarm fire at the Morgan Li warehouse located at 1101 Washington Ave. in Chicago Heights.

According to reports, the fire broke out at the facility at around 6 a.m., which quickly spread to neighboring buildings.

There were no employees present when the fire broke out, and no injuries have been reported.

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The cause of the fire is currently being investigated by the authorities.

Morgan Li issued a statement on its website following the incident.

A fire broke out on Monday morning, February 6, 2023 at our factory at 1001 Washington Street, Chicago Heights. While the damage of the fire is massive, the most important thing is that all our people are safe and accounted for.

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