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Whisper it quietly, but the Greenland ice sheet may have made a net gain in size in the year to August 2022. A massive boost of 471 billion tonnes of ice was created on the surface during the last recorded year, the 10th highest increase in 42 years, and much higher than the 1981-2010 annual average of 368 billion tonnes. This year’s surface gain, known as surface mass balance (SMB), continues the spectacular recovery seen on the ice sheet from 2012, when a low of 38 billion tonnes was reported. This year’s figure, while high, was beaten in 2017 and 2018 when over 500 billion tonnes were created on the surface. The 2022 figures and comparisons can be seen in the graph below, compiled by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

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The news of course has been ignored by COP27-fixated media operations who are concentrating all their efforts on catastrophising natural cycles and bad weather events. But this line of work is getting harder and increasing scepticism is afoot. Coral has recently grown back in record amounts on the Great Barrier Reef. In the wider Arctic, the summer sea ice has shown further impressive growth. Wherever you look, it seems bears and penguins are thriving in their polar habitats. The Greenland ice sheet news is rounding off a very bad year for those in the pseudoscience-based, doomsday business.

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