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(Natural News) In their latest racist effort to destroy America and displace the American people, Democrats are set to welcome a massive wave of illegal immigration as soon as Title 42 is revoked. Chief Justice Roberts granted a temporary injunction against the measure being taken down, but that’s unlikely to hold for long. As soon as Title 42 is brought down — it was the Trump-era ruling that allowed the USA to turn away illegals by the millions — an invasion wave of illegals will pour across the border and flood America’s cities and towns like never before.

By some estimates, over 14,000 illegals will surge across the border each day, with over five million over the next year. This has been the Democrat plan all along. Dems are racist anti-Americans who despise American citizens while favoring illegals.

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Sunday predicted there would be “total chaos” at the border if the controversial immigration policy Title 42 is lifted on Wednesday as planned,” reports

“If the courts do not intervene and put a halt to the removal of Title 42, it’s going to be total chaos,” he told ABC’s “This Week” co-anchor, Martha Raddatz.

Meanwhile, the mayor of El Paso, Texas, has declared a state of emergency over the anticipated flood of illegals. As The New American reports:

Mayor Oscar Leeser, a Democrat, declared a state of emergency on Saturday, citing the hundreds of illegal immigrants sleeping on the streets in cold temperatures and the thousands being apprehended every day.

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