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A massive tornado ripped through a Texas town on Wednesday night and killed four people with another 10 injured. 

The supercell developed at around 8 pm near Amarillo before striking Matador, a small town of around 570, causing widespread devastation. 

The tiny city – home to about 600 residents – sits about 300 miles northwest of Dallas and was placed under a tornado warning when the storm descended. 

Reports from storm chasers and meteorologists on social media showed considerable damage with damaged homes, utility lines, trees, and infrastructure.

Crews dug people out of the rubble and carried some bodies away. A rescue effort to search for those who may be trapped was underway on Thursday morning. 

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Around 10 structures were completely destroyed along with barns and farmland and several 18-wheeler vehicles were overturned during the tornado in Matador. 

Pat Smith, the town’s mayor, who also provides emergency services, confirmed people were killed in the storm and that rescue worker had pulled some residents from collapsed houses.

An elderly woman is said to have died in her home. 

Mayor Pro Tempore Dvonna Grundy told CNN her home was destroyed, leaving her without clothes or medicine. 

All of her chickens were gone and most of her cattle and horses died as a result of the tornado. 

Mayor Smith added electricity was out in the town and that several businesses had been destroyed.

‘It’s really, really bad,’ he told the New York Times on Wednesday night, as emergency crews shouted directions in the background.