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Matilda star Mara Wilson says she personally witnessed people being “sexually harassed” while she was working on set as a child.

Wilson, who starred in an array of ’90s classics before she was even 10 years old — such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Miracle On 34th Street, A Simple Wish, and perhaps most notably, the 1996 film Matilda — told the Guardian “I don’t think you can be a child star without there being some kind of lasting damage.”

The actress went on to recall “adults that told dirty jokes, or sexually harassed people in front of me,” and said that while she “always felt safe” on film sets, she still witnessed several “sketchy” and “questionable” occurrences.

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“People who did things like ask me if it was OK if I worked overtime, instead of asking my parents, but I never felt unsafe,” she said. “I think that’s because I worked with a lot of really wonderful directors, who were used to working with children.”

“The thing that people assume is that Hollywood is inherently corrupt, and there’s something about being on film sets that destroys you. For me, that was not necessarily true. I always felt safe on film sets. There were definitely some sketchy, questionable things that happened at times,” the actress added.

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