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Matt Gaetz demands FBI agent who ‘suppressed’ Hunter Biden probe’s ‘girlfriend’ preserve records – after her tweets suggested she had inside information on whistleblowers who reported him

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Rep. Matt Gaetz has sent letters to both Twitter and the rumored girlfriend of former special agent Timothy Thibault after the woman suggested she had insider information on whistleblowers

who claimed Thibault tried to do away with the Hunter Biden laptop investigation. Gaetz, R-Fla., a member of the subcommittee investigating government ‘weaponization,’ said that Melissa Morgan-Ransome’s Twitter account suggests she might ‘have first- or second-hand knowledge of internal Department of Justice matters’ and that a number of her tweets ‘can be construed as attempts to intimidate federal whistleblowers.’ 

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Thibault has been accused by whistleblowers of trying to shut down the FBI investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop but denies having any involvement. 

A now-deleted Twitter account named @MissyMorganFit and belonging to Morgan-Ransome has been putting up a dogged defense of Thibault and tweeting suggestions that she has insider knowledge of the DOJ and the investigation with whistleblowers – and suggests the whistleblowers might be outed. 

Intimate travel photos of Morgan-Ransome and Thibault posted to her Instagram account reveal their close relationship, as first flagged in a Substack post by Greg Price. The Instagram account has been made private since the post. 

Gaetz said the tweets ‘make clear’ Morgan-Ransome is aware of the Weaponization subcommittee’s work to investigate Thibault and others.  

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