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The devastating wildfires that have ravaged Maui, potentially claiming the lives of thousands of innocent Hawaiians, have had their cause identified, shaking the foundation of the climate change narrative often associated with Democratic politics. Maui officials have declared that the fires were ignited due to downed power lines and operational failures within the state’s primary power utility company. This revelation prompted the government of Maui County, Hawaii, to take legal action against the Hawaii Electric Company and its affiliated entities for their alleged negligence in not shutting down live electrical equipment during a red flag windstorm.

The lawsuit contends that the utility company’s negligence led to the ignition of dry fuel such as grass and brush, resulting in the series of deadly fires on August 8th. The county asserts that the company should have powered down equipment in response to the National Weather Service Red Flag Warning issued on August 7th. The legal action also implicates the utility company for its alleged failure to adequately maintain the power grid and system, which reportedly contributed to the systemic failures culminating in the fires.

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This turn of events contradicts claims made by national and Hawaii state Democrats attributing the fires to climate change. It challenges the narrative that the wildfires were primarily the result of environmental factors rather than operational shortcomings.

The lawsuit contends that the utility company’s negligence and failure to maintain equipment and power lines were pivotal factors in the outbreak of the fires.As the facts unveiled in the lawsuit unfold, they cast doubt on assertions made by figures like Hawaii Governor Josh Green, who recently appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” and pointed to climate change as a key driver of the wildfires. The focus has shifted from a climate change explanation to one rooted in operational negligence, thereby prompting a reevaluation of the causes behind the catastrophic wildfires that have devastated Maui.