Source: Christopher Chantrill

As we dodge the hail of bullets you may remember back in November 2008 that America elected its First Black President. Thus the moral arc of history that began with the Civil War had finally bent towards justice. “Isn’t it wonderful,” said my faculty-wife friend.

If Barack Obama had been a man of wisdom — instead of a foolish lefty drone — he would have ended the race wars, proposed a peace treaty, and started a whole new era in American history.

But he didn’t. Maybe if he had, Democrats wouldn’t have lost the House in 2010. Or the Senate in 2014. Nor would Donald Trump have won the presidency in 2016.

So, here we are in 2021. The Dems pulled out all the stops in 2020 and just managed to flop over the finish line with a questionable presidential win and a 50-50 Congress. Now, with a divided legislature, they are going for broke, rewriting election laws and ramping their race politics up to 11.

What is their legislative agenda? The Green New Deal, the amped up anti-racism of “systemic racism,” and unlimited immigration.

This is an agenda of, by, and for the educated elite. Educated people will have jobs planning and managing the top-down greening of the economy. Corporations with educated-elite connections will get subsidies and grants. Educated elitist priests will fan out through the country enforcing the orthodoxy of Critical Race Theory and Cancel Culture.

Do you see the one thing glaring at us like the onrushing locomotive eyes of J. Pierpont Morgan? There is nothing in the Biden agenda for ordinary middle-class Americans.

Now, there is a word for a government that thinks only of its courtiers and its bribed supporters: Unjust. And sometimes unjust regimes get shown the door.

Thanks to my sister, I just read Queen Isabella: Treachery, Adultery, and Murder in Medieval England by Alison Weir, about the unjust reign of Britain’s King Edward II who ruled from 1307 to 1327. Isabella, daughter of the French king, was Edward’s Queen. It didn’t end well.

Problem was that Edward was a helpless closeted gay — like all gays down the ages until the Stonewall riots — and he looted the nobles and anything else that moved to gift his gay lovers, first Piers Gaveston and then Hugh Despenser, with manors and castles. Talk about injustice.

In the end, Isabella couldn’t take it any more and escaped back to Daddy in France. Then she took a lover, Roger Mortimer, and with his help invaded eastern England in 1327. Guess what happened! The homophobic Brits rallied to her on the spot, and she and her lover eventually deposed King Edward without firing a shot. Only there weren’t any guns in those days. Then she and Mortimer looted the place in their turn, and so her son, Edward III, deposed her.

Now, of course, we are much more advanced today. We have a ruling class that has been looting the country shamelessly for the last century and staffing a huge bureaucracy of Barnacles and Stiltstockings, while ordinary people struggle to work and live in a world where the cost of education and housing have soared into the stratosphere.

Now, I know that all our liberal friends are much more educated and evolved than you or I, but I wonder if the white male mass shootings aren’t related to the white working class dying of despair, about which we’ve heard tell.

When a tribe or a people are facing extinction, the young sometimes go crazy.

There was the Xhosa cattle killing movement in South Africa in 1856. If the Xhosa killed all their cattle, the spirits told 15-year-old Greta Thunberg… no, Nongqawuse, the British settlers would be driven into the sea.

There was the ghost shirt movement in the western U.S. in 1890. Native Americans sorely oppressed by white oppressors believed that special shirts might protect them from western bullets. In the Wounded Knee Massacre they were proved wrong.

There was the Boxer Rebellion in China. “In June 1900, Boxer fighters, convinced they were invulnerable to foreign weapons, converged on Beijing with the slogan ‘Support the Qing government and exterminate the foreigners.’”

In our time in between mass shootings we have what Steve Sailer calls “suicide by cop:” men brandishing a gun at a cop when facing going to jail if arrested.

Now, I know that our ruling class are the kindest, noblest, wokest people in the world. It would be a real shame, dear rulers, if we had a replay of those 19th-century disasters among the human rubble devastated by a century of progressive government failures.