Posted BY: Silvio Canto, Jr.

Four balloons and four million ideas about the origins of whatever is flying over North America.  This is the story:   

Maybe they came from China. Maybe from somewhere farther away. A lot farther away.

The downing of four aerial devices by U.S. warplanes has touched off rampant misinformation about the objects, their origin and their purpose, showing how complicated world events and a lack of information can quickly create the perfect conditions for unchecked conjecture and misinformation.

The presence of mysterious objects high in the sky doesn’t help.

“There will be an investigation and we will learn more, but until then this story has created a playground for people interested in speculating or stirring the pot for their own reasons,” said Jim Ludes, a former national defense analyst who now leads the Pell Center for International Relations at Salve Regina University.

“In part,” Ludes added, “because it feeds into so many narratives about government secrecy.”

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Let the investigation begin. Have AG Merrick Garland name a special counsel to investigate why UFOs are allegedly flying over our military sites or studying bison populations in Montana. The view must be nice from 60,000 feet in the air.  Wonder if they are all watching on TV back in their planets. Rod Serling died and went to Mars.

Or maybe all those Martians, including “My Favorite Martian” who flew into our TV decades ago, are just listening to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.  They hear that you can come here and claim asylum and the rest is a fancy hotel in New York City.  Or you can knock on the door get a ticket for a court date and never show up.

Maybe it’s true.  They are UFOs checking out the entry points and more will follow.  The Martians are coming and we can thank Secretary Mayorkas for that.