“He must not be allowed to use social media,” says the guy who boxed up, Churchill

Posted BY: Steve Watson

Following Elon Musk’s decision to reinstate President Trump to Twitter, The Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan declared that it is time for “new regulations” to police online speech.

Khan, who seems to spend more time worrying about American politics than the safety of people living in London, issued a diatribe reacting to Musk turning Trump’s Twitter account back on.

He labeled Trump “a dangerous far-right politician who has a history of inciting violence,” and proclaimed that “he must not be allowed to use social media,” before calling for the more general regulation of “online speech.”

In the same sentence, Khan declared that “freedom of speech is vital, but it must be balanced.”

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his is the same guy who boxed up Winston Churchill’s statue outside the British parliament, and World War II Memorials when BLM extremists decided they were racist.

Khan then convened an uber-woke panel of ‘cultural diversity experts’ to decide which statues and landmarks to target next, and replace with culturally ‘better’ ones.

The reactions say it all:

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