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The media is not your friend.

That may sound like an overly simplistic statement, and yet look how many Americans marched in lockstep to the advice of the media over the last two-plus years when it came to taking a deadly toxic, spike-protein laced injection. I personally know many who wish they had not succumbed and taken those shots. Some will admit it openly. Others not so much. But you can see the distress in their eyes whenever the topic comes up.

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The corporate media has become so corrupt and its messaging so indistinguishable from the government in Washington that they will literally say anything, read any script, write any fake story, that their mockingbird handlers order them to relay to the public. To do otherwise means instant termination and isolation. The pattern is now there for all to see. We have a plethora of national journalists who have either quit or been fired by their corporate-media bosses because they asked too many questions, or insisted on reporting on forbidden topics. Sharyl Attkisson, Lara Logan, and Tucker Carlson, just to name a few. Others like Gary Webb and Michael Hastings died under mysterious circumstances.

So it is with great dread that I must alert you to the alerts coming out of the mainstream media over the weekend while many of us were enjoying family barbecues, going to the beach, or sitting on a fishing boat. The evil ones never rest. Not when they believe they are in their final end-game scenario of America’s long-awaited destruction. All of the major corporate media outlets, working in collusion with the federal government, put out an alert about the potential for “right-wing” attacks on the U.S. power grid.

Let’s look at just one example.

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