Creates “confusion” around gender identity in bizarre response to horrific mass shootings.

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

The media appears to have developed a sudden confusion

surrounding preferred pronouns after a woman who identified as a man attacked a Christian school in Nashville, killing three children and three adults.28-year-old Audrey Hale carefully planned out the assault on The Covenant School, leaving behind maps and a manifesto, the details of which have yet to be revealed. Given Hale’s transgender identity, many have speculated that the massacre was motivated by Tennessee’s recent ban on all forms of “gender-affirming” transgender care for minors as well as drag queen shows, although others have suggested the motive was Hale’s resentment at having been made to attend the school. Whatever the motive, the media’s reaction was to lose confidence in its assertion that transgender pronouns should be respected. Despite Hale, a biological woman, having started identifying as a man in recent months, BBC News expressed confusion over the issue, despite

authorities making clear the culprit was transgender.

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