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(Natural News) We’ve got a lot to cover in today’s Situation Update podcast. Things are unraveling quickly for the establishment, causing tyrants to desperately try to crack down even more on free speech, health freedom, and decentralized energy technologies that could allow people to live off the grid.

Here’s a quick look at what we cover in today’s podcast:

– Former Australian medical president blows the whistle on vaccine injuries
– She helped build the medical tyranny construct that maimed millions
– Dems illegally release Trump’s private tax returns, weaponizing the IRS
– The Pentagon colluded with Twitter to run psychological operations against Americans
– Former Nazi secretary (97 years old) found GUILTY in link to Holocaust murders
– Nuremberg 2.0 will prosecute thousands of covid vaccine pushers/murderers– China running another false flag covid psyop, claiming crematoriums are full
– Wells Fargo was ordered to pay billions after ripping off customers via car and home loans
– Human trash Sean Penn calls for unvaxxed to be imprisoned as criminals
– New data from Germany confirms huge surge in sudden deaths following mRNA jabs
– Children’s pain pills and cough syrup supply chain has collapsed across the USA
– Millions of children are sick because their immune systems have been destroyed by the jab
– Large frozen meat importer declares bankruptcy, sending ripples through the transportation chain
– EU now testing biometric payment systems for digital currency, planning 2024 rollout
– BlackRock and Vanguard are buying UTILITY COMPANIES to control your power and spy on the usage
– Why the establishment is suppressing Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) energy technology

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