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The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, is involved in so many projects that its difficult to keep up.  From Tesla, to the Boring Company, to Neuralink, to becoming the new private owner of Twitter this week.  Today, the Daily Mail revealed the person managing his fortune of nearly a quarter trillion dollars.

Jared Birchall, age 47, manages Musk’s $240 Billion fortune from a low key office in Austin, Texas.  Birchall was fired from Merill Lynch because management ‘lost confidence’ in him.

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After being fired from Merill Lynch, Birchall spent six years at Morgan Stanley as a wealth manager before going on to manage Musk’s assets.

The Daily Mail Reports

“He works from an unassuming eight story office block, beneath an underpass on the outskirts of Austin.

He was fired by Merrill Lynch for ‘conduct resulting in management’s loss of confidence’, and went on to carve out a decent yet unremarkable career in finance: few have ever heard of him.

Yet Jared Birchall is now leading one of the most significant corporate takeovers of our time, as the man Elon Musk refers enquiries to for his $44 billion takeover of Twitter.

‘Once you appoint somebody to run the family office, that means that you trust him,’ said Raphael Amit, a management professor at the Wharton School.

‘And Elon wants to set it up in a way that allows him (Birchall) maximum control.’

Birchall, a 47 year-old married father of five, has worked for Musk since 2016, helping to manage a fortune estimated on Tuesday at $240 billion.”

Birchall’s salary is unclear, as family offices are not required to disclose how much they pay their personnel or their assets.  The only thing that is known about Birchall’s personal wealth is that he lives in a $4 Million, 5 bedroom house with his wife and five children outside of Austin.