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Megyn Kelly has been a great source of insider information on the whole Tucker Carlson/FOX News fiasco.

According to Kelly and her sources, Tucker has not actually been fired by FOX News. He has been put into a sort of limbo where he is still technically under contract.

This means Tucker can’t go anywhere else until they have worked out an exit deal.

In the video below, she says:

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“Tucker’s not fired. That’s my information. That he still needs to negotiate the exit. And that right now he’s not free to launch a podcast or a digital show, or negotiate with other employers at all because he’s still under contract.”

Kelly notes that Tucker Carlson saw FOX News through one of the toughest periods in their entire history and “smashed the ball” out of the park.

She is absolutely puzzled as to why the network would treat its biggest star so badly. Watch:

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