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Top-rated podcaster Megyn Kelly continued her diatribe against far-left ‘woke’ corporatism with an epic burn at Target over its decision to begin carrying women’s “tuck-friend” swimwear for biological men.

The suits are part of the retailer’s “Pride” line and contain extra materials in order to cover men’s genitals.

“Target decided it would be a great idea to partner with a company — as far as I could tell one of its main lines seems to be sort of a pro-Satan line of clothing,” Kelly noted, referring to clothing maker Abprallen.

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“They decided to willingly partner with this clothing manufacturer to make Pride month gear that includes bathing suits that are quote ‘tuck-friendly’ that have extra material around the crotch, which no woman needs because we don’t have penises down south in Rio,” she quipped.

“We don’t need extra material and we don’t need tuck-friendly, but the Target CEO is out there defending this saying: ‘Look, the extra crotch wear and the tuck-friendly bathing suits are important, that this whole line in the Pride department is a good business decision. It’s the right thing for society,’” Kelly noted further.

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