Posted BY: The Right Scoop

Today is the day where once again we stop to remember those who went before us, who fought and died in the service of this great country.

I’ve told you in the past that I’ve been fortunate to not have lost any family members who fought for this country. But I know some of you have and it’s important that we never forget their service.

I know that this country has changed a lot over the years, for better and for worse, and that sometimes it seems we have enemies all around us trying steal our most basic freedoms away.

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But regardless of what we might be going through now, that doesn’t diminish in any way the sacrifice our family members and brethren gave for this country, America, which is still the greatest country in the world.

While physically remembering their sacrifice is a wonderful thing on a day like today, the best way we can honor them is to keep fighting, in our on way, to protect the liberties for which they fought and died.