Posted BY: Kevin McGary

Memphis is burning!  In that famous Tennessee city occurred a brutal murder of a young black man.  Especially appalling, the murder resulted from the actions of five police officers.  (We have to say all these things are “alleged,” of course, despite the video recording.)  The criminally abusive acts of five police officers resulted in the death of Tyre Nichols.

Already, people are declaring Tyre’s death a crime of racism.  But are the murderous actions of five Memphis officer’s racist?  Like Tyre, the five police officers are black. Does the fact that the officers were also black comport with claims of racism?  Or do the heinous criminal acts of the five Memphis officers comport more with excessive gross force and callous disregard for human life?  Whether deemed racism or frenzies of excessive force, there is no denying brazen acts of police brutality.  The level of brutality carried out by these five Memphis officers confirms a malady of their hearts that prompted them to act in an inhumane way.


Certainly, there are countless other evils, but there is no denying that both racism and police brutality exist. Still, was racism the motivating factor in the killing of Tyre Nichols?

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