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Troubled Canadian David DePape broke into Nancy Pelosi’s Pacific Heights home in San Francisco through a sliding glass door, apparently breaking glass as he entered around 2:27 in the morning. DePape sought Nancy calling out, “Where’s Nancy?” But DePape found Nancy’s husband of 59 years, Paul Pelosi, instead.

The violent crime surge in San Francisco mirrors most Democrat-run cities that are soft on crime and is bound to harm residents across the economic and political spectrum. The unfortunate event also showcased untreated mental illness prevalent in the city. The incident piggybacks a viral video of Nancy Pelosi saying she would like to assault Donald Trump physically. Political leaders condoning physical violence sets a bad precedent for their constituents.

According to the Daily Mail, DePape was arrested wearing only underwear and hit Paul in the head with a hammer while asking where Nancy was. Paul Pelosi was admitted to a San Francisco hospital shortly afterward for surgery, and DePape was arrested.

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