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Meta’s new social media platform, Threads, has faced criticism for blocking COVID-related search terms to combat disinformation. Launched in July to compete with Twitter (formerly known as X), Threads has been scrutinized for its censorship of sensitive search terms. According to reports, the platform intentionally restricts search results for words like “covid,” “coronavirus,” “vaccines,” and “vaccination,” replacing them with a blank screen. Additional blocked terms include “sex” and “porn.”

However, Threads does provide a pop-up link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website when users search for COVID-related terms. The platform explained that it plans to block sensitive searches while refining its search results feature temporarily. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri acknowledged the criticism, emphasizing the need for caution in search functionality rollout.

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Critics, including health officials, have condemned Threads for limiting access to COVID-related information. A Washington Post journalist, Taylor Lorenz, labeled the decision “extremely irresponsible.” Health experts argue that this censorship could hinder the disseminating of crucial public health information and create an information gap filled with misinformation.

Julia Doubleday, an outreach director at the nonprofit World Health Network, highlighted the significance of social media as a vital communication channel for patients, especially those suffering from long-term COVID effects. Blocking access to information on social media was deemed cruel and indefensible.

Meta’s Threads is facing backlash for blocking COVID-related search terms on its social media platform. While the company cites the need to combat disinformation, critics argue that this approach may hinder disseminating accurate public health information. The decision has drawn criticism from health officials and advocates who emphasize the importance of open communication channels for patients and the public. Threads plans to temporarily restrict these searches while it refines its search functionality, aiming to provide users with reliable results in the future.