She threatened Americans with death if they voted for Trump, then demanded Twitter silence him for fomenting “insurrection.”

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

Remember that moment in the Republican National Convention of 2020 when one of Donald Trump’s campaign surrogates threatened American voters with violence unless he was re-elected?

How about the time that Trump used the FBI to purge his political opponents from social media platforms, claiming that they were responsible for the wave of riots, killings, looting, and attacks on policemen for which George Floyd’s death served as a pretext?

Then Trump put the full weight of law enforcement into locking up his political opponents in solitary confinement without bail, and pressed for the harshest charges imaginable for “mostly peaceful” protests? Even as his allies shamelessly posted bail and hired lawyers for the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers …

Remember how Trump admitted that he’d always been ashamed to be an American, until the night it elected him as president?

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