Posted BY: Joel Gilbert

As Obama operatives begin preparing for Michelle Obama to replace the faltering Joe Biden, they know have a problem on their hands: Michelle’s shameful history of exploiting the Black community. As I reveal in my film and accompanying book, Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power, Michelle’s two most significant jobs in Chicago involved working on behalf of white liberal elites to deal with the problems that Black people were causing them.

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Chicago liberals couldn’t hire a White person to make 20,000 Blacks homeless. Their answer was to hire Michelle Obama. She became Mayor Richard Daley’s assistant planning commissioner. Her job was to facilitate the destruction of the low-income all-Black Cabrini Green housing project and cede the choice of downtown real estate to Democrat party donors and developers like Tony Rezko. Nor could the White liberal elites at the University of Chicago Medical Center hire a White person to deny access to health care to Blacks. Only a Black person could fill that job. For a cool $300,000 a year, Michelle was prepared to do all the denying that was needed. Michelle headed up the “South Side Health Collaborative,” a scheme to prevent Blacks who showed up at the University of Chicago Medical Center emergency room from receiving medical care. Michelle made sure they were put into white vans and shipped to crappy neighborhood strip mall clinics on the South Side.

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