Posted BY: Cristina Laila

Gas prices on Tuesday hit another record under Joe Biden.

Inflation rates are outpacing wages and gas prices are through the roof.

Out-of-touch Democrat Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow bragged that she passed “every single gas station” in her brand new electric vehicle and it didn’t matter “how high gas was.”

“On the issue of gas prices, I drove my electric vehicle from Michigan to here last weekend and went by every gas station and it didn’t matter how high it was,” the Democrat said during a senate hearing on Tuesday.

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New electric vehicles cost more than $56,000.

Democrat Stabenow to the peasants suffering because of Biden’s policies: Buy a new $56,000 car and shut up.


Biden officials and Democrats are totally out of touch.

Senior Biden advisor Gene Sperling is so out-of-touch that he told CNN’s potato Brian Stelter that he has no idea what high gas prices feel like.

“I’m not gonna try to say I feel that pain personally,” he said on Monday.