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Michigan’s State Senate has voted in favor of a second Chinese Communist Party-linked (CCP) company to build electric vehicle (EV) battery plants in the state. The Senate Appropriations Committee saw Democratic legislators vote 10-9 in favor of a $175 million grant to Gotion Incorporated for a new $2.4 billion EV battery plant in Mecosta County, northeast of Grand Rapids.

Going High-Tech.

The Chair of the Michigan GOP, Kristina Karamo, was firm in her denunciation of the grant before the Senate Committee, stating, “[I]f you choose to give this money to Gotion, you are a traitor to this your Republic, you are a traitor to your children.”

Despite the grant being awarded to the American subsidiary of Gotion, based in California, Gotion’s parent company is Gotion High-Tech, which is based in China.

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The President and CEO of Gotion High-Tech, Chen Li, recently refused to respond to questions involving his connections to the CCP, including over suspicions of his party membership.  The Vice President of the U.S. subsidiary, Chuck Thelen, acknowledged that Li is both the President of Gotion Inc – the American subsidiary – as well as the parent company, demonstrating a direct CCP influence across all aspects of the company.

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