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The Michigan State University shooter has died after turning the gun on himself, police confirmed on Monday night.

At least three people were killed and five more taken to the hospital – some with life-threatening injuries – after the gunman opened fire and evaded police for nearly four hours on Monday.

The unnamed suspect – described by police as a short, black male, and pictured wearing a mask, red shoes, a jean jacket, and a baseball cap – killed two at Berkey Hall and one at the university union.

He then took his own life, following a stand-off with the police. 

Police are working to establish his identity, and whether he is connected to the university.

‘The suspect was located outside of the MSU campus and has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound,’ said Marlon Lynch, chief of Michigan State University Police.

‘This truly has been a nightmare.’

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Chris Rozman, the interim deputy chief of Michigan State University Police, previously urged terrified students on campus to remain in a sheltered place as they hunt down the suspect – who was described as having a ‘long gun.’ 

The police chief urged everyone to stay away from the surrounding area and confirmed that all college activities will be canceled for the next 48 hours. 

Helicopters were seen overhead as the urgent search for the gunman continued during the lockdown, with FBI teams spreading out across the 5,200-acre campus. 

Rozman said the incident began at 8:18 pm in Berkey Hall, on the East Lansing campus: ‘We were quickly on scene, within minutes, and there we did locate several victims of a shooting.

‘The incident did move to a building in close proximity – the Michigan State Union building, where there was another report of a shooting immediately after the report of the first incident.’

Rozman said there was ‘an overwhelming law enforcement response’ to the shooting. He said there was one suspect and he was ‘last seen leaving the MSU Union on foot on the north side of that building.’ 

It’s currently unclear what route the shooter took – however initial reports said that shots were heard from different parts of the campus as the incident unfolded.  

Just after 10pm – about one and a half hours after the active shooter alert – police confirmed that a series of buildings and dorms were cleared and secured. This included Brody Hall, Snyder Phillips Hall, Mason Hall, Abbot Hall, Landon Hall, the MSU Union, and Berkey Hall.

The Michigan State shooting comes on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Valentine’s Day shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed. 

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