Source: Dan Lyman

French and U.K. authorities encountered more than 550 migrants illegally crossing the English Channel during the weekend, according to reports.

At least 178 migrants in five groups were caught by French border patrols as they attempted to make their way to England by boat.

Another 378 illegal aliens aboard 12 vessels were picked up by U.K. Border Force on Sunday and brought to British shores, as has become standard procedure.

U.K. officials continue to claim they are working to stem the historic tide of illegal migration via the Channel, even after a record 430 aliens made the crossing in a single day last week.

“In an attempt to stem the rise in crossings, the UK government last week reached a £54.2m deal with French government in which France has agreed to double the number of police patrolling its beaches, fund improved intelligence sharing and introduce better technology to target the gangs who organise the crossings,” the BBC reports.

“However, some MPs have questioned whether it will have an impact, pointing out that a previously agreed £28.2m deal last November failed to limit crossings.”

Brexit architect Nigel Farage recently shared footage of a “reception committee” greeting a dinghy full of illegal aliens as it reached a U.K. beach.

The number of illegal aliens crossing the English Channel soared to record heights in June as more than 2,000 migrants arrived on British shores in just 30 days.

The previous one-month record of 1,951 was reportedly set in September of 2020.