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Last night, we spoke with My Pillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell, who pulled the plug on his massive advertising campaign with Fox News last week after they rejected his ad promoting his cyber symposium. Mike is hosting a cyber symposium where he will share the evidence he says will prove foreign entities interfered with our November 2020 election and actually changed the vote totals, which affected the outcome. In addition, the My Pillow CEO is offering a whopping $5 million to anyone who can prove the data his cybersecurity experts have obtained is not valid. The symposium is being held in Sioux Falls, Iowa.

We were stunned when Mike told us that FOX News was the ONLY network to reject his ad.  “We sent it to ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and even CNN,” Mike said. “We’re not running it on MSNBC or CNN because they charge too much for their small audience, but the ad is running on all of the major networks,” the My Pillow CEO explained, adding, “The ad’s been on over 5,000 radio and TV stations nationwide, but Fox News refuses to run the ad!”

Here’s the ad:

After a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the cable news network, Mr. Lindell has decided he can no longer work with Fox News, a news organization that censors its advertisers over beliefs or opinions they either don’t share or are afraid of airing.

Fox News became the darling of conservatives and even moderates when it distinguished itself from an overly crowded field of dishonest mainstream media outlets by reporting the news as it happened and not through the lens of the Democrat Party. After Rupert Murdoch left the day-to-day operations to his sons, Fox News viewers began to see a shift in programming. The outspoken Fox Business host Lou Dobbs was fired from the network over his coverage of election fraud. The popular, fiery Fox News host Trish Regan was also forced out. Judge Jeanine Pirro was suspended in 2020 over a spat with the cable news giant of her pro-Trump coverage.

Mike Lindell told us he spent about $50 million in one year with Fox News.

Last night, Mike Lindell, ever the optimist, and all-around good guy, mocked Fox News for refusing to accurately report the news. “Fox should be a weather channel,” he said, “but you couldn’t count on them to predict a storm,” he added.

The ad rejected by Fox News includes information on Mike Lindell’s upcoming Cyber Symposium that will be held on August 10-12 in Sioux City, South Dakota. Mike Lindell has offered a $5 million award to anyone who can disprove the evidence of election fraud he plans to reveal at the cyber symposium that he claims is “irrefutable” and will lead to proving the election was stolen from Trump in November 2020. The cyber symposium will also be live-streamed on Lindell’s social media platform Frank Speech at

Why did Fox News reject Mike Lindell’s promo piece for his symposium? If Mr. Lindell is proven wrong about the elaborate, covert scheme that was implemented to steal the election, he loses $5 million, and Fox loses nothing. But, on the other hand, if Mr. Lindell’s evidence proves the election was stolen, Fox News still has nothing to lose other than their reputation for being one of the first cable news networks to call the election for Biden, even though the election was riddled with legitimate evidence of voter fraud and foul play.

Mike told us that he is most worried about workers at his call center. In typical Mike Lindell fashion, he’s always looking out for the little guy. He thinks of his employees as part of a large family and doesn’t want his fight for election integrity to affect their income.

If you would like to support Mike Lindell, who will certainly lose revenue by canceling Fox News, you can buy directly from him at or by calling 1-800-864-0634.

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