Source: Jim Hoft

Mike Lindell Opened Thursday’s Cyber Symposium with Several SHOCKING Developments–

Mike Lindell told the crowd an associate of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters had his home raided last night by state officials. The man has four children. They took all of his computer equipment.

Colonel Phil Waldren then came on stage and told the audience that the conference had been infiltrated.

Colonel Waldren: In addition the Red Team started receiving credible threats about two weeks ago… We detected disruptors inside trying to be people ejected. really radical folks outside trying to penetrate. We got folks exchanging badges in the parking lot, press badges. We’ve identified those agitators and provocateurs by photo imagery, validated by their social media platforms… The big end game is to discredit all of the legislators who are hear to listen… They are obviously trying to ruin the message that Mike is trying to get out. So this is typical insurrection activities. This is part of the Color Revolution.

Waldren then told the crowd someone tried to insert faulty data into their conference. And federal authorities were notified.