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Military jets are circling a Chinese spy balloon and three airports have been shut down in the Carolinas after Joe Biden vowed to ‘deal with it.’

At least two jets were seen flying close to the balloon around 1.30 pm near Myrtle Beach as a source revealed defense officials are planning a shoot down and capture mission over the Atlantic. 

The Federal Aviation Authority announced a ‘ground stop’ at Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Wilmington’s international airports shortly after 1 pm due to ‘national security initiatives.’ The skies have emptied of commercial aircraft.

The President this morning told reporters, ‘We’re gonna take care of it,’ as he left Air Force One with his son Hunter at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base, upstate NY.

Spy balloons operate at altitudes of up to 120,000ft, but the Chinese aircraft has descended to around 46,000ft, meaning it is well within striking distance of an F-22 Raptor which can soar to 65,000ft. 

However, the mission is fraught with complexity. In 1998, the Canadian air force sent up F-18 fighter jets to try and shoot down a rogue weather balloon. They fired a thousand 20-millimeter cannon rounds into it before it finally sank six days later. 

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