The war against gun owners is reaching new heights.


Earlier this week, Governor Blackface Northam declared a state of emergency at the Virginia Capitol and rendered the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution null and void with an edict, King George III style. This was announced in preparation for a historic rally outside of the Capitol on Monday.

“No weapons will be allowed on Capitol grounds,” Northam said. “Everything from sticks and bats to chains and projectiles…. The list also includes firearms. It makes no sense to ban every other weapon but allow firearms when intelligence shows that armed militia groups plan to storm the Capitol.”

Since that pronouncement, the government has drastically escalated the situation. A court signed off on the constitutionality of Northam’s decree shortly after three gun owners were arrested on dubious charges largely based on memes they posted in an encrypted chat room.

“This is the right decision. I took this action to protect Virginians from credible threats of violence. These threats are real—as evidenced by reports of neo-Nazis arrested this morning after discussing plans to head to Richmond with firearms,” said Coonman following the ruling.

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