Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Source:  Richard Moorhead

Minneapolis city councilors are describing their constituents as “terrorized” by a recent violent crime wave that has swept through the city, with the Minneapolis Police “nowhere to be seen.” The council recently advanced a proposal to abolish and replace the Minneapolis Police Department.

Jamal Osman of Ward 6 described the public safety situation in such terms in a council meeting with Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo.

The actual plan to abolish the Minneapolis Police seems to have fallen by the wayside, but the police seem largely absent from sections of the cities after some of the worst riots in American history erupted in the city after the George Floyd.

There have already been more murders through the first nine months of 2020 than there were in all of 2019, and crimes were generally down in the early months of the year on account of the coronavirus pandemic before the riots. Burglaries, auto theft and arson are all up as well, with the latter up by a considerable amount.

And yet, the police appear largely absent to local residents, who Osman is saying have come to him with their grievances. The police didn’t end up being defunded, but for all intents and purposes residents of Minneapolis seem to be living everyday life without them.

Osman says constituents are telling him police have adopted a politically correct approach to law enforcement, openly declining to arrest and charge stone cold criminals.

Jeremy Schroeder, who represents Minneapolis’ 11th ward, is stating his constituents are experiencing the same thing, including a string of robberies and break-ins of small businesses already devastating by the riots and coronavirus.

More than 700 buildings were damaged by the initial George Floyd race riots, and more than $50 million of damage was inflicted upon the city, with some estimates ranging the damages at over $100 million. The city may never recover.

Minneapolis has destroyed its once serene reputation through radical pro-crime leftism, and as the city residents realize they’ve been left to the devices of violent criminals, they have no one other than the city’s leftist council to blame.