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Goodhue, Minnesota, is facing a significant crisis as its entire police department resigned in protest following Chief Josh Smith’s departure. The situation unfolded amidst a contentious dispute over low pay, catching Mayor Ellen Anderson-Buck off guard. The town’s population of around 1,300 residents was shocked by the sudden events.

Chief Smith expressed concern over the lack of applicants to fill the vacancies, emphasizing the urgent need for substantial and immediate changes to the current situation. His resignation, during a meeting focused on police pay increases, prompted the departure of the town’s sole full-time officer, Anthony Brecht, and five part-time officers.

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Despite the upheaval, Mayor Anderson-Buck reassured the community, promising police coverage would not be compromised. She cited ongoing discussions with the Goodhue Sheriff’s office, indicating that law enforcement would continue to respond to calls.

The departure of the entire police department raises pressing questions about the future security and safety of the town. The underlying issues of low pay and competition from larger cities have driven this crisis, shedding light on the challenges faced by small communities in retaining qualified law enforcement professionals.

As Goodhue navigates these uncharted waters, residents and local officials must collaborate closely to devise a viable solution and ensure the town’s well-being.In the midst of this uncertainty, it remains to be seen how Goodhue will address its immediate policing needs and work towards a resolution that safeguards the interests of its residents while addressing the concerns raised by the former police department members.